Month 18 Update – 36,777.74

Ball still rolling… Big step for me to be under $37k

This past month has been particularly challenging. The trip to NY was kind of the icing on the cake, but at least I got to see a beautiful wedding along with my friends and family. Some recent expenses have

136.06 – Avis Car Rental
37.01 – Citgo Gas
6.79 – Breakfast on vac
50.00 – Lunch on vac
313.48 – Car Rotors
100 – Plumbing (bf paid 150 of this)
1000 – Sallie Mae
102 – AT&T Wireless
156 – Verizon

Total = 1901.34. These aren’t even all of my expenses. I would be totally screwed without my $1k emergency fund. Doing my best to build it up again. Think I need to cut back on some things…

My bf had a death in the family, which may mean he’ll be flying out to Florida soon, then flying to New York for work then a christening. Been super busy with work / life, but plan to post more. 🙂