Month 17 Update – $37,664.92 and counting

Making progress still on getting this loan under control. I have a larger payment coming out later in the month of ~$600. I’d love to get under 37k for the month of August. My reserves are lower than I had hoped with last month’s bike purchase, and some other recent purchases.


I got two flat tires on my mountain bike, rewrapped the handle bars on the road bike, bought some additional accessories, a backup hard drive and some other items totaling around $200.Image


Were they worth it? Yes. Did I overpay? Don’t think so. Did I need everything at this particular moment in time? Probably not.

So about the above picture. Yesterday, my rear derailleur snapped in half. Not the day I rode 20miles in a day, but the day after I was only a mile away from home and doing like 2mph. It was more an inconvenience than anything, my partner drove my car over so I could get the bike loaded up on the bike rack and didn’t have to suffer longer than necessary in the 100° temperatures that embody summer living in Texas.

Joe Mhalic, one of my inspirations for writing this blog wrote some articles about budgeting recently, using a fictional character Max. I am beginning to realize that just I take home an extra $1100/mo doesn’t mean it’s not advantageous to have a plan with where my dollars are going in advance. I’ve been eating out a lot more which is eating into a substantial part of the difference.

I normally don’t do steakhouses because they’re expensive and I’m not a big steak person. However a few weeks ago we went to one for someone’s going away celebration and between the appetizers, drinks and my main entree I shelled out $120. Then my partner and I went to a birthday party. I didn’t pay the bill (he paid half), but it was at a high end restaurant. For the four of us food and wine totaled around $455. The words too rich for my blood come to mind.

I’ll be in NY (primarily for a wedding) over the next two weeks, look forward to meeting up with old friends and family. This will be right before my next paycheck, so unless I want to use credit I’ll have to be really particular about not spending too much.

My next post will be about budgeting and a plan that works for me. I know I’ve done a lot of bouncing back and forth about different plans. I’m learning from past failures though. Even when I’m bad, I’m not that bad, which is more than I can say for many people. 🙂

One thought on “Month 17 Update – $37,664.92 and counting

  1. You are completely human! I am also trying to pay down a lot of debt to the tune of about 121k. Occasionally I slip as well. I do find eating out is the worst way of losing money. But like you, things come up. I spent money last month on a new iPod and iPad mini. Could I have made do with my phone? Yes. But I think if you deprive yourself too much, that is when you go REALLY crazy on a spending binge. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your posts.

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