Looking Back & Forward

Couple of different things going on in my life right now.

1. Becoming close to a vegetarian. A lot of things about meat disgust me and more often than not I don’t feel good about myself after eating it. From a digestive standpoint it takes a long time for my body to break it down. I also could stand to lose some weight at 220lbs. I may not be 100% compliant, but I keep reading about all the people who feel better once they’ve integrated more vegetables into their lives. Many have lost weight in the process too. I figure why not become one of them. There are of course other reasons as well. We’ll see how I feel after a couple days.

2. Looking back at some of the people I used to interact with frequently on Long Island in the gay bar scene. Good people, but professionally it does not appear they are making any types of advances. One guy a year older than me works at a local hardware store and I speculate he isn’t making very much money. A girl who is 4 years younger is a cashier at a dollar store. Then my friend with a Bachelors in Business works in a McDonalds. Is it a sign of the times with employment on Long Island? Possibly, some refer to people my age as  part of a long generation. Finished high school after the dot.com bubble burst, started college right around the time 9/11 happened. Then when we completed college, the nation was at war and millions of private sector jobs were gone. Problems compounded on LI as many companies moved to NYC or packed up and went out of state.

I don’t know for a fact what my income would be had I not met my partner or moved, but my take home pay now is 80% more than it was 2011 in New York. Neighbors across the street from my parents are looking to sell their house because they can’t afford it anymore. My aunt on LI has been looking months for a job.

3. This month has been really good for my cash-flow situation. Multiple checks coming in:

  • Previous employer last two weeks of work
  • Previous employer vacation money
  • Previous employer bonus check in mail Saturday – I guess they were feeling generous or forgot about it.
  • First week of work at new employer
  • Next two weeks direct deposit.


This is the first time I’ve had a good chunk of cash sitting in my account. I plan to keep $3k in my checking at all times and have a significant portion of the rest go to Sallie Mae. This amount will vary based on other priorities at the moment. Did have one expense come up, for our AC unit to be repaired. Shelled out $240 for it, hadn’t been serviced in a year and water was leaking into the upstairs bathroom. I’ve been eating out more, but socializing more as well. It’s a tradeoff I’m trying to shift in the right direction. Threw out some food lately that hadn’t been used. About $20 worth and I know it sounds silly but I feel bad for wasting it.

Overheard on an exercise podcast that one of the best ways to boost testosterone is to get more sleep. This is an area I need to get better at. So going to bed before midnight instead of 1:30. I need to be more rested at my job, especially with so many meetings. Falling asleep is not the right answer.

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