Accelerated Payment . Month 16 Update


This month I did double payments.

8/7: 453
8/4: 452.76

Brought the total balance down to 37,989.74. Psychologically I wanted to get this thing under 38k. At the beginning of the year in Month 9 I had 42057 in total debt. Still not backing down, $1k a month is the plan and once I have enough saved even more will be going toward the loan.

Have a trip coming to New York in September for a wedding. That alone was 307.78, my bf will be paying for luggage as we are taking a discounted airline that basically nickels and dimes you for every single thing.

Stopping my Roth IRA contributions for the moment. Invested a couple hundred in a highly volatile stock, which could end up being a brilliant decision down the road or could blow up miserably. 401k is taking off where that was, with the benefit of more diversification, less fees, matching if the company continues to offer it after 3 years and a higher monthly contribution of 274 vs 200.

More to come soon.. 🙂

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