Month 14 Update: 39847.54

Sallie Mae - Month 14
Sallie Mae – Month 14

My next student loan payment is coming out in 3 days. I estimate my balance will be dropped down to 39825. This is monumental progress to me, since I graduated in 2008 my loan balance has been above the 40k marker.

Starting Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Body program. I’ve let myself go the past couple weeks, topping a whopping 222lb on the scales, at 5’9″ height. Frequent visits to McDonalds, Jimmy John’s deliveries to my desk and eating out. During the month of May I spent about $400 on food, most of it for me.

I’m getting impatient with some of of the progress I’ve been making. On both a professional level and a personal one. My company hired 7 recent college grads and I’m pretty sure they aren’t making much less than I am 8 years older, more work experience and the letters MBA. I need to accelerate the process of boosting earnings for my sanity’s sake. Have a preliminary interview with a company in 10 days. I really don’t want to move to Pennsylvania. If the offer is compelling enough though, we’ll see if my opinion is swayed  at all. Meanwhile the job market in Dallas is better than most. Florida could be another destination location. Lots of speculation right now though.

Still keeping credit card balances under control, got it up to $252, but all that will be paid off Monday.

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