Potential Breakthrough

So this month has been particularly interesting. Interviewed with a company in Pennsylvania that I and my partner both probably won’t be working at. Just because it’s sort of out in the middle of nowhere and some of the neighborhoods there are very poverty-stricken. Also my experience of people in Philadelphia is not particularly positive. Maybe it’s just a bad batch, but they have mostly been impatient, impulsive and almost never accept the answer given to them.

Went on some other interviews with a local company. I applied under different leadership and went through so much disorganized chaos with two now-terminated members of their HR team. At the time I was bitter about it, but a good chunk of time has passed. Basically in wait and see mode. I’m not driven by the money, I want to build up my career and ultimately become more of an expert in my field. I believe this opportunity will be a successful one, but the cards are ultimately out of my hands right now.

My current company is tolerable, though it’s been so repetitive. My manager is around I’d say 25% of the time. He has been receptive to answering questions when I have them and handling issue that require management intervention. One of the guys who started close to 6 months after me and is six years younger than me took a job that pays a good 10-15k more that I earn. I don’t want his job though (direct sales over a telephone primarily aren’t my thing) and think my days there are numbered honestly.

I’m seeing more and more salespeople leave the company. Getting calls from advertisers asking for people who have been gone for weeks. Along with that, talking to salespeople who say I’m the 3rd or 4th person in my position to be handling the account. Maybe I should take it as a sign? Most of the people I work with have little passion for what they do and are looking elsewhere. The floor is run similar to a call center where we work out of a ticketing system and answer a support line so I can’t really blame them.

If I do get this job, the insurance isn’t the best. So am trying to get a Dermatologist appointment lined up beforehand.

On the low end, looking around 50k with bonus potential. A 40% increase not including the overtime I do on occasion. Basically a big part of my job will be turning business around for the company since it is a huge source of revenue for them. If I get the job, it will be putting more of my MBA Managerial Abilities. Particularly my communication skills and ability to manage technology reports.

One of my friends was recently let go from his job. The boss said he didn’t look happy and it was beginning to affect his work. He has been dealing with some vision issues so luckily his insurance kicked in and he got those addressed before getting canned. Without it, he might be blind in one eye or have to undergo some hefty medical bills to preserve his vision. The moral of the story is to not take good health and a minimal debt type of situation for granted.

James Gandolfini passed away recently from a heart attack. I watched The Sopranos, a tv series he made famous almost religiously every week during the early 2000s. He was worth an estimated $70 mil and was arguably one of the top actors of our generation. However it’s likely he neglected his health to a point where it got the better of him at 51. At the end of the day, the money isn’t everything.

On a health front, I’ve been in maintenance mode with my weight. Watching calories along with weights / cardio. Did 10 miles on my bike today. I have some obese friends and I’ve observed that a lot of what they consume is not conducive to weight loss at all. Massive amounts of alcohol, high carbohydrate items such as pasta and desserts loaded with sugar and calories. I’m really putting on my moderation is key hat. Let them do what they want, but my body is my temple. I want to stay on the path  of losing 2 pounds per week and their actions are completely out of sync with that mission.

30-Life Crisis

Think I’m having a bit of a mid-life crisis. Looking back on the accomplishments of my life. Where am I now and what have I done over the course of my life. It’s kind of disheartening.

One of the guys I went to undergrad with is meeting with the CEO of a pretty huge networking company in New York City tomorrow.
Update: It was at the #structure conference, I don’t feel so bad now. 😛
He has also been on trips to Europe and across the US. I by comparison don’t have a passport and wouldn’t really be able to comfortably afford a trip to Europe until well after 2 years from now. My bf is also planning to go to a gamer meetup in a few months with a friend in San Francisco. I’m not going because a) I lack the vacation time and b) I simply don’t have $900 in disposable income for airfare / hotel / food.

I’m still scraping to get by on my $35k salary and student loans that still exceeds my annual income.

I cancelled my $50k life insurance policy at the $34 paid every month was starting to weigh on me. It is a whole life policy where it will reach the full face value decades and decades into the future. I do have a policy though my job that I pay for each pay period. In my opinion the money is better spent elsewhere. A 20 year term which Suze Orman recommends is what I plan to go with. Still trying to shop around for the best value. Exploring doing it with the company I have my car and life insurance through.

I’ve dealing with a minor health issue right now as well with my eardrum twitching. I’m not sure if it’s brought about by anxiety, but I have never experienced this for two days in a row and it’s a bit unsettling. I left work early and used sick time to go to the doctor and rest in general. They flushed out my ear and didn’t see anything majorly wrong.

I don’t just want, but I need the next 10 years to be better than the last. I stayed with jobs that were getting me nowhere, wasn’t the best at establishing friendships and let life control me instead of the other way around. I’ve been diligently looking at jobs to apply for but time and time again I read the reviews or see what type of experience is needed and say that isn’t going to work.

These issues have been a barrier to my success for quite some time now. I think I almost need to hypnotize myself into thinking positively and not being a bitter person.

Month 14 Update: 39847.54

Sallie Mae - Month 14
Sallie Mae – Month 14

My next student loan payment is coming out in 3 days. I estimate my balance will be dropped down to 39825. This is monumental progress to me, since I graduated in 2008 my loan balance has been above the 40k marker.

Starting Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Body program. I’ve let myself go the past couple weeks, topping a whopping 222lb on the scales, at 5’9″ height. Frequent visits to McDonalds, Jimmy John’s deliveries to my desk and eating out. During the month of May I spent about $400 on food, most of it for me.

I’m getting impatient with some of of the progress I’ve been making. On both a professional level and a personal one. My company hired 7 recent college grads and I’m pretty sure they aren’t making much less than I am 8 years older, more work experience and the letters MBA. I need to accelerate the process of boosting earnings for my sanity’s sake. Have a preliminary interview with a company in 10 days. I really don’t want to move to Pennsylvania. If the offer is compelling enough though, we’ll see if my opinion is swayed  at all. Meanwhile the job market in Dallas is better than most. Florida could be another destination location. Lots of speculation right now though.

Still keeping credit card balances under control, got it up to $252, but all that will be paid off Monday.