Month 10 Update – 41637.03 and Counting

Little late with this one, lots of things have been going on. Basically it’s still in progress. My bf was semi-interviewing recently with a company on the east coast. The job that he is trying to get  would pay amply more, but expenses would be significantly higher and my pay would be about 10% less off the bat, then tack on 5.75% income tax and much higher food prices / cost of living. Basically for him it would be a win but for me it would be a loss.

The job market in this location is much worse off than the DFW area and the night life / culture / gay friendliness of the area is all leaps and bounds behind. I would be guaranteed a job however. After much deliberation I decided against it, as we’re homeowners now, would need to rent out or sell our house, long term it would be a step back for my career unless I somehow wowed the owners and got a promotion. This all was over the course of the last few days.

Now there are rumors of layoffs at my bf’s company. Other factors going on that complicate things, but I’m not at liberty to discuss them. I still think I made the right choice, but if he is axed in the next week, based on tradition he will get severance pay and his new employer won’t have to buy him out of his contract. We shall see.

Onto an update of my finances…month10update

Interest rate on my 0% APR credit card jumped up to 11.99%. It was a good run and I’m doing everything within my power not to use it again. Credit card debt is still 0 and the occasional online purchase goes on it, paid in full before the due date and not used for much else.

I’m still reluctant to making any principal payments right now. Much uncertainty about my future  and my emergency fund isn’t up to snuff yet. Doing my taxes, getting ~$650 back. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. I’m just glad I haven’t made any large scale purchases recently.

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