Plumbing Issues (continued)

Had some more plumbing issues two days ago. I was all ready to get showered up, then head off to the gym (yeah I’m one of those people), when all of a sudden my bf is telling me to turn off the water.  I only got my feet wet.  Then I go downstairs and witness the horror.

Backed sewage all in the shower, toilet backed up and overflowing, on the floor. Not the best way I wanted to start my Saturday morning. On top of that our friend was visiting us from out of town. It’s the first time she’s been to our new house so we wanted to cast a good impression.

I approached our usual handyman / plumber / electrician, but he was busy doing other jobs. After 7 hours passed and no word from him, I called him. He said he wouldn’t be able to come so I had to take matters into my own hands. I used a local service to schedule a plumber and they came within 2 hours. Plumber hooked a machine up to the line that ran pressure through and pushed out two large blockages in the pipes. I suspect the issue was exacerbated by putting tissues into the toilet but have no way to prove it.

Cost was $405 as it was a Saturday evening. Bf covered 300 and I covered the rest. The work our handyman did in the summer was about the same. Crossing my fingers that our sewage issues are put to rest once and for all.

I’ll spare you all a picture. It was gross. I did the cleanup myself without gloves. Lysol cleaner with bleach, soft scrub and plastic bags were my best friend that day.

What’s funny is the day before I got paid. 3 weeks worth of work, 14 hours of overtime. My paycheck was 66% more than it is normally. I joked around with bf that as soon as I make some extra money something is going to happen. Sure enough not even 48 hours later…Murphy’s Law?

Still not holding my breath on the issues with getting paid from my previous employer. Since February I’ve been waiting for the $1600+ owed to me. No word yet from the bankruptcy court. My intuition says things are slowly drawing to a close however.

One thought on “Plumbing Issues (continued)

  1. two steps forward, one step back. I feel like we start building up our emerg. fund and poof something happens and we use it up. that’s life i guess.

    and i hope you get that paycheck that should be coming to you…!

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