Saving Grace

Sold hearing aids on eBay that belonged to my stepdad’s mother a few days ago. They sold for 299.99 less shipping fees, listing fees and PayPal. I agreed to split the profit in half with him. Not including the money I owe back, I have about $30 -75.68  (after my cell phone bill hit) to my name until payday.

Splurged and went to see the new 007 Skyfall movie at IMAX with a friend yesterday. Literally been months since I set foot in a theatre and other than a momentary insulin spike after having a burger and fries I enjoyed it a great deal. I still get shows and movies off the net through other means.

Recently attended a networking event specific to my industry and ran into people who left the firm I’m with at some point in the last year. They enjoyed the sense of camaraderie  and the breadth of things they learned while they were there. Also emphasized how many have left and work in places making a much higher salary.

Last year I grossed less than $15k, this year I will make a little over twice that. Next year my goal is to make 40k+ and not be unemployed at all (6 months last year and 1 this year didn’t help at all) even if things aren’t advancing as quickly as I want.

Student loan payment is due 12/4 452.76, roughly 25% of my net income. Two paychecks to save money for this. I am confident I can do this, though my stress levels are rather higher right now…

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