Anniversary & Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving we had friends over, I drank too much, ended up losing control and rushed to bed shortly thereafter. First time alcohol has done that to me since I recall drinking. Clearly bourbon is not designed for me. I’m not drinking for a while now. I never really enjoyed the taste of alcohol and it was more or less always a social thing. I didn’t experience any of the craziness on Black Friday.

Recently had my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend.  At times it has gone by very quickly at other times (such as the 6 months I spent looking for work) it went by slowly. I have so much gratitude to be with someone who cares so much about me and is on the same financial page as I am.

I wanted to purchase a new Motorola Razr Maxx HD for him, but there were some complexities involved in moving his unlimited data package over to the new phone through Verizon. Simply put, he has another month left in his contract and they had no interest in grandfathering the old plan. AT&T does it, Spring offers unlimited, why Verizon can’t do it is beyond me.  He uses less than 2GB/mo but that’s beside the point.

Since the phone didn’t work out, I did have a plan B. We went to a fancy Indian restaurant in Dallas and had a great meal. Service was great, food was delicious and the ambiance could not be beat. Lots of earthy elements and an upscale feel to it all. The bill came to about $120 between the two of us. I put it on my credit card and really didn’t think any less of it.

Next we have Cyber Monday… I was really looking forward to finding some amazing deals and thought I would overspend like oh so many people out there. I ended buying just a Light Tungsten ring for myself from for 14.99. I really wanted to buy the $49 but by the time I got to their site it jumped to 299.99.

On a more somber note, a guy I hung out with a few times in NY and would consider a friend died in a car accident about 2 weeks ago. He was always a caring, funny guy who was bubbly with a lot of energy. Only 27 years old, he dropped off a friend home after partying and we presume he fell asleep at the wheel. That marks 4 people I’ve met who have passed away in the last year.

In addition, my great aunt who I said was believed to have leukemia is presently on life support. I would see her at least once a month from the time I was around 6 to 12 or so. She is frugal, but always made due with what little she had. Between a crazy workday and hearing this news, it’s really been a lot to process.

One of my managers is moving to a different area in the company. I think she will be a great fit for it, but that also means starting over from scratch with someone who doesn’t really know me. Time for bed now.

Before You Take Out a Student Loan…

Before taking on student loans you can’t afford, take a look at some of these comments. I was wise enough to fortunate enough to keep my expenses relatively low. Not everyone is though and one could argue that the more expensive colleges offer more chances of earning more income after graduation.

Good-bye Debt (with less than 5 figures a year)!

I was on Yahoo! homepage this morning, and this article popped up:
If you are considering taking out a ton of loans, read that article and read more stories at

If those stories don’t scare the sh!t out of you, then I don’t know what will.
I definitely discourage everyone from getting private loans. There is absolutely no regulation on their interest caps, and they can sink to low levels of scumbaggery when it comes to collecting debts. You can almost never discharge loans in a bankruptcy situation, so I really advise you students out there to think long and hard before taking out loans.

I’m not saying NEVER take out loans- it it’s the difference between needing an extra $1000 or staying out of school one semester, take the $1000 loan. Like I said in a previous post, taking out a loan can help improve your…

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No bueno / pipe issue…

On the plus side I could’ve went on a crazy shopping spree and have this expense come up…Having our handyman / plumber fix this today. The problem is the roots from the trees in front of the house have gotten so deep and wrapped around the pipes that go into the sewage system. The bleach bottle is not there for dramatic effect, it was covering up the drainage hole so roaches wouldn’t enter the house. I saw about 8 roaches altogether enter the house through there since June (despite cleaning, traps, sprays)  and this was was working fine..

Not sure if I or my bf will be footing the bill. Hopefully it’s not too much.  It’s almost noon and I haven’t showered yet.ImageHope no one seeing this was about to eat…


Black Friday Thoughts…

Typing this at 2am on a Saturday so have mercy. Simply put I drank too much on Thanksgiving Day. I’m what many would refer to as a lightweight, especially with darker drinks. You’d think that at close to 220lb I would be able to handle my liquor better. I slept for 4 hours after the jolting experience, luckily I was home already.  Then I got back online and went back to sleep. Hungover for a big chunk of Friday. Feel as if I’m to the point where I never want to drink again.

The urge  most people feel to spend money they never had to begin with is lacking in me. Parents are a couple thousand miles away and they know about my financial situation, no kids and friends too know I’m broke. I do want to spend money on my lover though, he goes out of his way time and time again to make me happy.

We met up with two friends today. Both make substantially more money than I do. I would guess 3-4x. One dropped over a G on a Stella Mccartney handbag. Is it the wisest thing she should be doing with her money? I would say hardly, but at the end of the day she can afford it. It’s also a form of retail therapy with some of the other events that have happened over the past year.

I put up a vision board earlier this week. Nothing is on it. Two big things I think are going to be a weight log and a monthly debt log. I’ve been in a mega-rut lately.  Been poor with the student loan cash put aside, then sadness about my great aunt being in and out of the hospital (possibly leukemia..), my 2nd grandmother’s passing in July, a homophobic grandfather who I’m not out to, deceased grandmother, father and never knowing his parents and my mom / stepdad (who recently underwent cancer treatment) being hundreds of miles away. I really try not to let the weight of it pull me down but there are times when it gets ‘heavy’. I think my experiences make me standoffish about people in general. Don’t let them get too close because of the pain of losing them. I’m not really sure what a ‘normal’ family is like.

I have a lot of surface friends in Dallas or people I work with, but not one that I hang with independently of my bf. I think that too has been making me a little crazy. In NY there were like 5 different people I would do things with. Half the things my bf / his friends are into I have no interest in such as Rupaul’s Drag Race, anime tv shows. Idk, I’m just in bitch-mode.  This too shall pass.

Home Repairs…

Fortunately nothing too major, but could’ve been if left neglected for a prolonged period of time.

1. Gutters cleaned – no one wants water dripping in areas it doesn’t belong.
2. Roof work completed between the brick and shingles on the roof. If we got this fixed at the time the house was purchased it would run us $200.
3. Downstairs shower handle fixed. Couldn’t get hot water in the shower, only lukewarm. Obviously an issue when guests are over and we don’t want them using the shower next to our master bedroom.
4. Upstairs faucet leaking. Drip drop, about 2 times every second. The USGS has a neat little chart to show water usage. By estimates we were wasting 5-11 gallons of water a day and possibly increased energy usage by keeping the hot water heater turning on and off. Needed new o-rings, valves and handles.
5. Back door fixed. Neighbor had foundation work a few months ago and ever since then the door wouldn’t shut right.

What amazed me is the price our contractor charged. Only $400 total between parts and labor. Lots of others would have tried to charge us hundreds more. We will definitely have him do more work for us in the future.

Overtime – Cha cha cha

Putting in extra starting this week. 45 hours a week minimum. 50 is the ideal. No excuses. Need the money, will split it up in a way that helps me keep my sanity. My commute is easy. The amount of time I would have spent just driving to another company alone would be close to 3 hours. I hate using my Windows Dell laptop, so I can just do work on my Mac when I have the time. Gotta come up with a system that works for me. 🙂

Saving Grace

Sold hearing aids on eBay that belonged to my stepdad’s mother a few days ago. They sold for 299.99 less shipping fees, listing fees and PayPal. I agreed to split the profit in half with him. Not including the money I owe back, I have about $30 -75.68  (after my cell phone bill hit) to my name until payday.

Splurged and went to see the new 007 Skyfall movie at IMAX with a friend yesterday. Literally been months since I set foot in a theatre and other than a momentary insulin spike after having a burger and fries I enjoyed it a great deal. I still get shows and movies off the net through other means.

Recently attended a networking event specific to my industry and ran into people who left the firm I’m with at some point in the last year. They enjoyed the sense of camaraderie  and the breadth of things they learned while they were there. Also emphasized how many have left and work in places making a much higher salary.

Last year I grossed less than $15k, this year I will make a little over twice that. Next year my goal is to make 40k+ and not be unemployed at all (6 months last year and 1 this year didn’t help at all) even if things aren’t advancing as quickly as I want.

Student loan payment is due 12/4 452.76, roughly 25% of my net income. Two paychecks to save money for this. I am confident I can do this, though my stress levels are rather higher right now…