Month 7 Update

Hard to believe I’ve been chipping at this debt and blogging about it for 7 months already. I’ve had numerous hurdles along the way and if the past is any indicator there will be plenty more to come. Lots of events that I’m processing.  First up it’s Halloween, a time I typically have spent celebrating with friends doing something outside the house and exciting. In NY it’s also known as a day you hope your car / house doesn’t get vandalized by some kid with nothing else better to do.

Speaking of NY, the worst hurricane in years hit just a few days ago. Parents and friends still don’t have power last I checked. Trees down left and right, supplied dwindling. Estimated $20b in damage across the eastern seaboard, not to mention the lives lost. I also found out someone I trained with at my company briefly passed away not even a month after we met. He was a nice guy with a good sense of humor. On the surface he looked very confident, dressed to impress, full of energy.

Cash: 518
Credit Card Debt: 0
Student Loan: 42,521.04  @ 4.25%

Started putting aside money each week for the loan. My income isn’t high enough to support the basics and still have any kind of emergency fund. I still feel poor, even doing the minimum I still have almost no money left after the end of each 2 week period. Haven’t made any large ticket items other than the stupidity that ensued on my NY trip. I honestly feel one mis-step away from financial ruin yet doing what I can to keep it all together.

2 thoughts on “Month 7 Update

  1. Thanks for the comment. From my experience, keeping true to some basic fundamentals is the key part. LBYM, shop around, look at the long-term impact of buying decisions. Your system is far superior to mine for tracking. 🙂 I really just look at one baseline number. The two Sallie Mae consolidation loans and add them together.

    Momentum is the biggie here. Having a lover / spouse who is onboard and supportive of your goals makes a world of difference. When you obsess over not wanting to go to a restaurant where the meals are $60/person, wait to buy clothes on sale or simply don’t want to make a purchase on a CC, it helps to have someone who will reinforce your sometimes challenging decisions or put you in check when you have moments of binge spending :).

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