My own stupidity (continued)

Adding to the events that occurred last week, I had to pay for $220 for a locksmith.  The keys I gave to 2 friends without checking them did not work. Without being able to get into our house and be fed, it’s likely our cats would not be able to survive. Needless to say, this caused a huge argument about my general responsibility. I learned a lot about the consequences of my actions in general out of simply not thinking a process through to completion or giving a little bit of extra contribution either of my time or money.


So altogether the trip cost about:

75 to reschedule flight

25 luggage charge

$80 for cab

$11.50 for train from airport to train station

$220 (150 for locksmith, 65 for convenience charge and associated fees)

Total: 411.50

I renewed a hosting package for one of my domains for 2 years to the tune of $120. Got my cell phone bill with activation for $144, not to mention the usual set of bills. So October has been another rough month.

Still not happy about having to pay these extra expenses (almost a week’s worth of pay), but I’m dealing with it.  Hopefully this experience makes my relationship stronger and helps me make fewer money mistakes in the long run.

On the flip side… I got about $140 from my folks, immediately deposited directly to my bank account. Two others leaving my company within 2 weeks of each other. One just left and the other is leaving soon. My old manager is leaving for a move to a location in a different country soon too. I should know within the next week whether anything will come of the job I did about quite a few interviews for.  November is going to be a pivotal role for my finances. Need to start putting money aside for my student loan payments and right now I have 0.00 in my account after credit card payoff. Another monthly update coming up soon…

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