My Own Stupidity…

Did something really stupid yesterday. I misestimated the amount of time it would take me to leave work, come home, finish packing, feed the cars, scoop the cat litter by a whole 2 minutes. Got to the American Airlines checkin gate and was told I couldn’t check in because I was past the 40 minutes minimum needed. 

At the front desk I was told there were no later flights to LaGuardia and would have to pay $75 to change my flight over to Newark and pay a $25 fee for my carry-on she waived. I took an AirTran from Newark International Airport to Newark Penn Station. I thought that was the same as NY Penn Station, just on the Amtrack / NJ side of the terminal. I was mistaken. I was on the other side of the Hudson. Looked at my map and had a twilight zone omg-type moment. So on top of the $75 to change my flight, I paid the cab driver ($65 plus tip, which I gladly paid since Newark at night makes Manhattan look like a cakewalk) $80 to take me to the hotel on W 26th Street. 

As of now, I’ve decided not to pay for a car rental. That would’ve run me over $200 once taxes were accounted for. I don’t value driving around town that much. Worse case my parents let me drive their vehicle, or I hitch rides from some friends. This is going to be a several hundred dollar trip, not a thousand… 🙂

Still no update on the job front. Been going through so many hoops, it’s been a bit draining but I still am keeping my eye on the prize. How many interviews must I partake in before I receive an offer? Already five down and it looks like another 2 or 3 to go. This threw off my whole rhythm and caused me to be late. 

My credit cards are still manageable even with recent purchases. Have money in the bank, but I’m avoiding paying interest by only by two days… I’m using my Citibank Thank You card for points / buyer protection but paying it off each month. The 1% offered by my Credit Union when I make over 10 point of sale purchases is really peanuts since my balance will be low. I could do both but even if I had 10k in the bank that’s only 100/yr. Seriously not worth it.

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