I bought a grill recently from Home Depot. The grill itself was 199, then the propane was around 40, then we needed a cover for the grill.  I had a $25 gift card from our realtor months ago that I never used. Altogether it came to around $250. My bf got the grilling accessories.


Mosquitoes aside, I am really enjoying the grilling process. I find it easier to cook than in the oven. The food generally has more flavor too. We will be grilling on average once or twice a week. The meals we make are cheaper than eating out and much healthier too from a caloric perspective.

Did I really want to drop $250 on a grill?  No, but I also wanted to make my bf happy and it’s something he has wanted for quite some time. I gain enjoyment from it and our friends do too. Also we are both meticulous about making things last and I would expect 3 years out of this easily.

On the health front, i have regularly been attending my local Gold’s gym and watching my overall caloric intake. Keeping my alcohol consumption to a minimum. No more than 2 drinks in a night if I can avoid it. If not, drinking lite beers. I really think I’ve found some sense of balance without doing any crazy diets. Today I had a crazy intense workout for me, lifting weights and spending an hr on the treadmill. Thought about so many things, my grandfather’s triple bypass 2 weeks ago, my 2nd grandmother’s passing in July, the anxiousness of wondering if my job offer will go through. No one said the necessary steps in life were always going to be the easy ones.

I try to live in the present each day, it helps me get through a lot of obstacles in my way. I also read articles written by others who have dealt with similar issues. One video you should watch is

TEDxEastsidePrep – Scott Young – Can you get an MIT education for $2,000?

Scott just finished his MIT education in a year and documented it in a series of videos. Here is the grand finale video. Definitely inspiring, especially to me as a business major who has always been interested in computer science.

I also just broke 700 views on my site. Some might be bots, or people who have no interest in getting out of debt, but it is inspiring to know so many people have taken time to read parts of my story. It’s not the most elegant and I clearly wasn’t born with the silver spoon in my mouth, but one thing is for sure… My motivation level is high and  this story is uniquely my own.

2 thoughts on “Grill

    • I agree with you on taste. I don’t have a Costco / Sam’s Club membership, but I 17-20 still isn’t that bad for 4-6 weeks supply of propane based on how much I use the grill. 🙂

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