iPhone 5 / Work Update

Got my iPhone 5 earlier this week. I’m totally loving it, didn’t think I would notice the overall responsiveness of the user interface but I do. Even playing simple games like Word With Friends or loading up e-mail.  The 5 second lag or so I used to experience is completely gone.

I also experimented with the talking maps feature for the first time. It really isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.  Apple’s CEO did make a public apology about this oversight by a company with such a high attention to detail.

The other weekend, I was at a bar with some friends and one of them accidentally knocked my phone out of my hand and the screen cracked. He’s a nice guy and I was not holding the phone particularly well, plus my case was pretty crappy so I agreed we should split the bill. So far he gave me 3/4 of the $40 owed. I could be a dick about it, but why blow something simple out of proportion right?

I sold my iPhone 4 16gb AT&T model on eBay for $225 to a guy in Austin. He paid me less than 12 hours after I listed the item for sale and I dropped the item off at FedEx the same day. This amount is far more than the $160 or so I had expected to get. So money out, money in. Slight net loss after the activation fee, cases I bought and the connection adapter but worth it.

Had some good news on the work front, but being loose on the details until I have been given and accepted an offer. Super excited about the opportunity though. If it happens I can pay my debt off in 2 years as opposed to 3 while still living comfortably and paying half the mortgage.

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