The Edge of Glory

Where oh where do I start. I don’t smoke or use drugs, never spoked weed. Considered it at one point, but I was always super paranoid and didn’t see the benefit. Took a hit at a hookah joint and my lungs tightened up immediately.

One of my coworkers from about 10 years back has been fighting cancer and was recently moved to hospice care. I was crying and sent her a final heartfelt goodbye message. I am a realist and I’m not sure she will be alive during my visit to New York next month. I really am not fully sure what the future holds but each experience reminds me to treasure every moment.

My grandfather had open-heart surgery this week to eliminate one of the blockages in a valve and he is currently in a state of recovery. He has not been in good health for quite some time now, but keeps on fighting. My great aunt is also battling cancer and gets a blood transfusion every week or other week. I really don’t know the cause-and-effect, but one theme for all is they all smoke cigarettes at some point in their lives and for a decent period of time.

Social Security age is currently 67 years of age for those born 1959 and later. If the system still exists when I am of age I highly doubt, I’m sure the full retirement age be pushed up to 70 at the minimum. Those depending on the government to look after them are in for a rude awakening. My father was living on SSI for most of my life while he was alive. In cases such as his, it was very difficult to make enough income to be able to support themselves without government assistance. I see some can become dependent on that income over time and lose the desire to work.

Psychologically I was a bit confused every month seeing a check with both my father’s name as custodian and my name on it from the federal government since my father wasn’t working. I loved my father immensely, but his financial situation was dire for 20 years if not longer. It all stemmed from him dropping out of high school and getting a GED to help support his siblings as a teenager. I think my parents genuinely loved each other for quite sometime, then years of hardship and lack of a financial plan is what lead to divorce. My mom is the most patient, loving person I know. I really don’t know how she was able to put up with it for all those years.

I know this post is all over the place but everyday is a reminder that life isn’t all getting out of debt or buying things that get a person into debt. It’s about using some of that money to enjoying life while at the same time be strategic.

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