Credit Card Paid Off & iPhone 5 Preordered

Celebrating each and every victory. At the beginning of the year, I had $3353 of credit card debt.  In June 2011 it was about $1300.  I hadn’t made any large ticket item purchases, but things link a cell phone bill, tv / internet and food added up after a while.


Thursday night I logged into employer’s electronic paystub system to see what my paycheck was going to be the following day. I try to automatically assume I get the same pay on the 15th and 30th of each month. When there are 3 week pay periods it’s almost like getting a bonus since I don’t factor in those extra hours into my calculations. Today, my balance is 0.00. It’s been a long road. Constantly debating how to save money on even the simplest of purchases. Chipping away 50% of my paycheck or more week after week. No emergency fund.


Not having credit card debt is really liberating. I was once completely debt free minus my student loans back in 2007. I’m starting to get a little taste again and it brings back good memories. Being able to save every other paycheck and have enough of a buffer to not feel stressed out about money.

Last but not least I just preordered the new iPhone 5. I was already paying $101/mo for my iPhone 4 and I use this device a lot. Email, games, Facebook, map directions, research, all kinda of stuff. By my estimates I can get 75-100% the cost of the new model from my sale of my current unit. I get unlimited data grandfathered in through AT&T, figured I might as well take advantage of it.

Graphics are like 17x more powerful and CPU is 4x more powerful. I could go with a ghetto track phone but that would not make my life any easier. Sometimes paying a little extra money is worth the added convenience.

Last but not least, big shout out to Joe at No More Harvard Debt.  He’s going out with a bang and on a high note. I’m in Dallas, he’s in Austin. Maybe our paths will cross one day?

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