Choosing My Path

Life is a series of decisions. Good ones, bad ones, ones that sounded good at the time. An educated one based on as much input as is available to me is my personal preference. Even with the most education, events can happen that one never would have predicted. We do our best to predict, but variables are constantly at work outside our control.

Today I am actively exploring new paths in life. I’m not moving or doing anything crazy aggressive, but I am looking to work for a company willing to pay me a salary that will allow me to accomplish my goals. At the beginning of the year I started working at a company making 35000/yr, offered benefits, a good work/life balance and was really close to home. Today I make slightly less, but still have everything else. I’m willing to give up a little bit of the work/life balance portion to move up and make up the 6 months I was unemployed last year.

Suze Orman talks about living in your truth. Can I pay off 42k of my loans in 36 months on my current salary. Yes, but only if I continue putting down about 50% of my current net pay. I’ve been super committed so far, but I’m not sure how long I can be this aggressive with my getting out of debt plan. $50 15 to my name after paying my recent cell phone bill and buying groceries. Once I start paying the student loans again, I’m not seeing a whole lot of light at the end of the tunnel.

Intentionally avoiding specifics, but there may be a promising opportunity that comes my way in the coming weeks / months that will allow me to more rapidly get our of debt. I’m a realist and know that a job doesn’t make you happy. Especially one where there is a high volume of work involved. If it doesn’t happen, I will accept the situation for what it is and move on.

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