People leaving my company…

Another person left our company in a nearby cube to work elsewhere.  That’s 7 people in 6 months, add that to my boss who broke the news that she is going to continue working for the company but in another country makes 8. 7 other people were moved to other areas of the building leaving a number of vacant cubes. I kind of feel that after my boss leaves, I’m pretty much starting out from scratch in terms of making a good impression. These things take time

Kinda bummed about it still.  People are nice, but the lower than comparable salaries, lack of 401k match and call center type feel to the job does have an impact on morale. With a raise I’ll make an extra ~5k a year than I am now. That still puts me under 40k/yr. Money’s not everything, but I definitely want to accelerate this student loan payoff process.

On the flip side, my partner’s job / company is going through some major transition.  Tonight he was stuck working past midnight on a project to help make sure it doesn’t completely blow up. This isn’t the normal, but there are definitely sacrifices necessary the higher one gets on the totem pole.

I started reading Joe Mhalic’s book on my Kindle – Destroy Student Debt: A Combat Guide To Freedom. Good read so far, a lot of it are things that I know on a mental level, but my actions didn’t always back it up. A lot of us waste money on things to impress people we don’t like in the first place or to make up for insecurities elsewhere in our lives.

Started doing a little more planning the last 3 days than I was prior. The goal is to keep my life simple and guide my day rather than letting it guide me. So far so good, I ask myself a simple question. What would a planner do? My bf is a planner and I often have been haphazard with a lot of things and that can put a strain on the relationship at times. It appears I don’t care when I really do.  I just haven’t placed the same value on certain tasks that he does.  ie cooking a meal, cleaning up around the house, being on-time for social functions.  I’m not giving up though. I surprise myself of what I’m capable of when the actions back  up my intentions.

Ending this week with less than $100 in my bank account. Put $15 of gas in my car this morning, it was on E since yesterday morning. Went dining with some buddies and spent about $30. I have been doing this very tight budgeting since before we bought the house in June. The two semi-large purchases I’ve made since were my car tires ($300) and my laptop for $1550 (sold old one for about 1000 minus fees). Eaten out a bunch of times since. I want to cut it out, but when we’re both burned out at the end of a day the last thing we want to do is start cooking at 7pm. I use the same excuse for the gym..

I can be creative about this whole process. Saw a nearby church promoting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program. Great to see others jumping on the get rid of debt band wagon. We all have differing opinions on which approach is best but the main thing is getting over psychological barriers, then comes integrating the payoff plans into a realistic schedule.

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