Month Four Update

Lots of mixed emotions going on.

I fell short of my goal of paying off all my credit card bills by August. July was almost a regression for me financially.  Reviewing  Under $180 to my name and payday is 9 days away. I paid $1050 on my credit cards during the month. This may have been a little too aggressive in retrospect but I needed to psychologically keep the number under $2k. Failure is not an option, I’m holding myself to a higher standard.

All is clear for my bonus on the 15th.  Don’t know exactly what I’m getting but I certainly appreciate every dollar that helps me get closer to achieving my goals. 

Had my parents come over to visit me and I got a $100 birthday present and they treated us out to dinner several times.  Well needed as I almost had to revert to credit cards again. 

Also had a death in the family, my grandmother through marriage who was in poor health for quite some time. Despite numerous efforts on our part to get her to take care of herself, her condition gradually declined. Haven’t been in the best communication, in part due to the anger that surrounded me seeing she did little to help herself. My real grandmother and father fought hard to stay alive as long as they could even though they both succumbed to health issues in their 50s and 40s .  She requested to be cremated and no service was held. I was willing to drive 10 hours to say goodbye and pay my respects but that wasn’t possible. That was two days ago and I’m still bummed about it. Based on history, it’s really not much of a surprise to me though. 

Birthday is coming up soon.  Excited, but also reserved and don’t want to do any activities or purchase any items that are going to derail my plans. I do want a digital camera again.  Something small that has good quality, shutter speed, ability to record video, etc.  I threw out my old camera last year after it was giving me memory errors and making funny noises. 

Quite possibly could have had a connection to interview for a position that would pay me significantly more than my current salary.  However I decided not to pursue it.  Have only been with my current company for a few months, work / life balance would have been much more out of whack and politics galore. Something else might be open at this company in a few months. I decided to go with my gut instinct and pass on the opportunity.  It’s not always about the money.

Snapshot: Student Loan: 42251.28

Credit Card: 1926.64

Savings: 173.34

Total Debt: 44177.92

Making progress albeit slowly.

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