Mountain Lion / House / Cat

I was very tempted to be impatient and automatically upgrade to Mac OS X Mountain Lion when it was released Tuesday of this week.  Only $20 yes, but it goes against my philosophy of buying things unnecessarily to get deeper in debt.  Especially when I’m get an upgrade code for free as someone who recently purchased a new Mac. I waited almost 72 hours for my update but saved $20…

Had a bit of an emergency today.  While my family was visiting, the downstairs shower and toilet both got backed up.  Turns out several feet of roots from the tree in our front yard got inside the pipes and were obstructing the flow of water.  Our handyman / plumber charged us $120 to get it temporarily under control. Altogether to do the job right and replace the piping / concrete it would run us around $1800.  We can probably wait a good 6 months before getting this work done again or getting it fixed properly.

Cat has also been sick.  I’ll spare the details but it was $120 for the visit and I hope she is better now.  Bf paid both bills as I’m net negative for the week. This is probably the toughest month I’ve had since starting this process. Turns out I’m getting my bonus in another two weeks rather than my next paycheck.  Kind of a bummer… Two of my coworkers voluntarily left the company today. That makes 5 since I started in March. All of them were really nice people and I truly wish them the best of luck in their careers.

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