Expensive Dinners & Exercise!

Not for me personally since I didn’t pay, but for us, meaning my partner and I.  We went to an art gallery crawl with some friends, then went out to dinner.  For lunch we easily spent around $40 and dinner at another expensive place came out to over $120.  We both agree that is a lot of money to spend on food.  It’s more than our entire grocery budget for a week.  I think we need to screen out places our friend picks out. Just because he has a six figure income and is single, doesn’t mean he should invite his friends places where an entree is $30-40, not including appetizers or any alcohol.

He has expensive taste and detests eating at the more affordable chain restaurants someone on my income would frequent.  I’m thinking we should start screening the places he wants to go to for dinner before agreeing to attend. Not sure what excuses are considered socially acceptable.  Could just be honest.  ‘Sorry but I owe thousands in credit card debt and my bf has over 40k in loans, we can’t afford to drop $100 on a meal tonight’ I would totally say that, but my bf probably not.

In other news, it’s my first time exercising before work since starting February. I’ve been up since 630, stayed an hour late at work and have an energy reserve.  Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself, but I didn’t have the spaced out low blood sugar crash that would always hit several times throughout the each day. Wrote down my goals for the day the night before and it helped me stay on track.

Too much debt is a burden and for many it takes a toll on their health.  It’s good to focus on other areas of life and really enjoy all the wonderful things that exist in your reality.

Lastly, I applied to a string of jobs for 6 months last year and for a month this year.  Noticed the position I interviewed for at a startup was eliminated, even though it was a seasoned Project Manager who held it. This points out one of the inherent downsides to working for smaller companies.  Lack of funding or job security. One week all is rosey and the next you’re on the chopping block.  On the flip side, people don’t stay at companies for a very long time anymore.  Jump from one to the next after a few years to move up the corporate ladder.   Thoughts?

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