Under 2k on Credit Card!

$140 – AT&T Bill, they overcharged me and are supposed to be giving me a refund in the next 5 days or so. I’m thinking around $50 back since having service for about 2 weeks.
$300 – Verizon bills. 6/16 to 8/3, approximately a month and a half worth of service and some installation / activation type fees. 
$100 – Water Bill, includes a 75.00 deposit that wil be refunded to me at one point.
Big question right now is the electricity bill. I predict around 140, hopefully it’s never as bad as it was last month at the apartment..

Total: $540, not including whatever leftover amounts from having the A/C running during our move.

On the plus side despite this temp influx of bills, I’m still making progress. At $1995 on my credit card balance, I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. I really am looking forward to the day when it’s 0.  Been working myself extra hard.  Not including this weekend I’m up to 44 hours. Holding off any large luxury type purchases 

There may be new opportunities coming at my company in the not too distant future. I’ve heard it from multiple sources, so I legitimately think there will be chances to add value and earn a higher salary.  I’m thinking a 15% increase in the next 6-9 months. Kinda miffed that one of the guys who started the same day I did is leaving. If it’s a better fit, I really can’t blame him.

I hear people at work talk about getting better with their money.  Some have shopping addictions, others are spoiled by eating out constantly. We are a savvy bunch, using tools like Mint to assess / establish budgets and see how reality compares.

Been a little burned out lately.  Gotta recharge my batteries and remember to have fun.  On the flip side I am a little more sociable at work and with the few friends I hang out with. The less I analyze and just embracthe the moment, the more comfortable I am in my own skin. As a gay black / native american former New Yorker living in Texas. Over the years I realize we as people attach a lot of labels on who and what we are.  We’re a lot more the same than we think once those labels and ideologies attached to them fall by the wayside.


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