Car Update: Only $40 To Fix Her Up!

Just a quick update on the whole car situation… 

This morning I took my car into a muffler shop that was somewhat out of the way (8 mile drive) all in the hopes of getting my exhaust system fixed without spending a fortune. I’ve gone and thinking I’ll be paying a few hundred dollars but was pleasantly surprised when the service representative said I only owe them $40. They welded a pipe within a matter of minutes.

After that I went to a Firestone shop with the hopes of getting an inspection done, the guy says a 2 hour wait. To me time equals money and who the heck wants to spend 2 hours waiting on a Saturday for a simple inspection? Drove a few minutes more and found a local shop, the guy seemed friendly enough, clearly a foreigner and said it took 7 min. for inspection. 39.75 later I was out there on my way.

 My exhaust is much quieter and is not making annoying rattle noise  I would hear while cruising around town.  between the tires and exhaust, it almost feels as though it’s new and not 54 months old.

Total cost = 79.75 vs what easily could have been 300, 1000 or 1200.

The moral of the story is when your gut says a product or service is overpriced, most likely it is. Always get a 2nd opinion and shop around.

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