The Blog On My Spending Habits

Just got payment for my 3 year old laptop.  Have it all boxed and ready to ship out tomorrow. Had to put in a claim with eBay before the seller sent payment.  Took 5 days altogether and numerous I’ll do it soon type e-mails.

This blog is having a positive effect overall on my spending habits.  I’m shopping around way more than I used to.  I previously would throw down a grand on my car easily without asking too many questions about whether the price I was quoted was reasonable. Today I don’t want to spend money unless I really need to.

Had a neighbor pop up on us unexpectedly asking to walk through our house.  She seems really nice so we agreed.  She asked what our place was appraised at (144k) and what we bought it at (142k).  I’m pretty sure the woman said she wants her place to be appraised at 150k. For this area and not having much work done to the place in a decade, including foundation work I think her hopes are a bit far-fetched. Basically she wants to refinance, take advantage of the low interest rates and presumably take out some of the equity on the home.

Looks like I will be getting a bonus at my job come the end of the month.  Don’t want to get too hyped up, but every dollar helps. Overall our company has been doing great.  Even with some temporary hiccups along the way with workloads / staff, most of our sales team and our customers are happy.

I was watching a video earlier that reminded me of my past.  What drove me to go to college and eventually pursue an MBA. I need to start doing more things that excite me in life.  Not to say things are boring now, but I think much variety can be added.  Mostly a home body right now and have frequent bouts of social anxiety. I want to ask my friends to do things, but often feel like I’m being annoying since I don’t really know them very well yet. Maybe I need to make new friends or just stop obsessing.

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