Bumps In The Road

I sold my laptop a few days ago for $1035, the new was 1550.  This is about in-line with what I wanted and almost what PowerMax was going to give me for the unit with a trade-in. I was all excited to do business with PowerMax, but they took too long to get back to me and I bought from B&H with overnight shipping instead.  I also won’t have to wait 3-5 weeks to get my money.  Taking a hit with shipping and fees, but sometimes it’s worth it.

I got 4 Nexus 5000 215/55/R17 tires installed, mounted and balanced for $396, but during inspection another issue came up with my car.  Hole in my exhaust system, went to a Midas and two different Nissan dealerships to see if it would pass inspection.  The answer each time was no.  I tried going the extended warranty route but it wasn’t covered.  There is a lot of rust in the  system and I’m thinking replacing the catback system and front catalytic converter might be the best route.  Slightly more power on the high end and better exhaust note.  Also from what I’ve been reading an upgrade to stainless steel will last for the life of my vehicle. If I stay in the south where the roads aren’t salted, I shouldn’t have to worry about this going forward.

A new Standard Front Catalytic Converter will run 360.00 and 735.44 for a Stillen Cat Back Exhaust system  =1095.44  plus a couple hundred in labor. I really don’t want to spend that much, but if I buy parts from a junkyard I will still have to pay labor and no guarantee the parts will be reliable long-term.

Still pricing out my options and going to try a muffler place that has been around for 30 years. Inspection is due in 2 weeks so I need to act quickly… I see some other rust on the chassis that could be a growing concern in the coming years. Took a video and posted it to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A0otlcpjHE

Went to a dentist for the first time in about a year.  Had a hole in my tooth where my filling was since December 2011. Need 4 fillings, and after insurance I’m shelling out ~$145. Not bad at all but still money out of my pocket…


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