Electricity and Other Bills / NY Trip On The Horizon

Think I’ve been busier this week than I have the entire year.  Working a 9-6 shift, couple days on my lunch break, coming home to eat, then moving tubs and small pieces of furniture, for almost 2 weeks.  Rinse, repeat..Then squeezing social functions in with friends.

Just got the electricity bill for the last month.  As expected, it was a doosey, 242.98 and the summer just started 3 days ago.  For the larger furniture pieces we will be using a moving company that charges around $77/hr.  Clearly I’m in the wrong business.  Then again they have a lot of overhead and I would not want to move anything in this intense Texas heat.

Got my MacBook Air.  I totally love it.  Powerful, great battery life (with brightness turned down and doing some light browsing it reads over 8hrs!), light as a feather and best of all it produces far less heat than my old laptop. With Turbo Boost, the 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 is comparable to a lot of faster CPUs.  Still trying to sell it on Craigslist for $1200, had quite a few scam artists try to say something along the lines of hey I’m out of town on business in another country but really want to buy.  Send me your PayPal e-mail right away!!!  Thanks but no thanks…  I’d much rather return it back to stock and see what I could get for it that way.  So yeah a pain in the ass, but I’m hoping it will payoff soon.  If I can’t get it sold on Craigslist by the end of the week, off to eBay and taking a hit with the fees / shipping costs.

Have absolutely no buyer’s remorse in my purchase.  I no longer feel like my legs and nether region is burning when I use my laptop and a cat is curled up next to me.  That my friends is worth the price of admission.

Started doing The Paleo Diet and have been losing some more weight.  Lightest I’ve been since I got laid off in February.  At this rate I will have a six pack by my birthday.  Or at the very least be back to where I was in 2008.  The great thing about this diet is I can eat a lot and still lose weight.  Eliminating most of the starchy carbs that make me feel all bloated and miserable is key.  I will have protein and a vegetable for breakfast, a salad for lunch typically and a pretty much eat whatever I want for dinner within moderation.

We booked tickets to return to New York for a wedding in October.  Boyfriend paid half since it’s for his friend and he’s an overall sweetheart. Really looking forward to seeing my family, friends and taking part in some new experiences.  That means an obligatory trip to some posh NYC restaurant with a week+ long waiting list. 🙂

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