Debt Free 32

Some of my readers may wonder where I went (all 10 of them lol). Decided to rename my blog to emphasize more of the focus.  The original name ‘No More MBA Debt’ was a bit misleading.  Under 50% of the debt I incurred was from my MBA program.  The rest was from undergraduate studies. Also as much as I would love to meet Joe Mhalic in person and have a beer, the original name always struck me as a cheap knockoff of what he was doing.

Why Debt Free 32?  After giving it some thought, my original plan to be out of debt still stands.  Debt free by April 7, 2015. I will be 32 in August 2015.  So wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate my 32nd birthday without having any consumer debt? Hence the name Debt Free 32.

Apple released a series of new laptop products today.  I’ll be honest I really want a new MacBook, either an Air (1499) or a Pro 15 with the new crisp Retina display (2199).  I can likely pull 1100 on eBay for the model I have now with the SSD upgrade. I keep going back and forth on it though. Something newer and greater will always be on the horizon.  However this behemoth is not very portable and is a pain to type on in my lap since it gets so warm.  I may upgrade only if I find a great deal and I am out of credit card debt at the time.

New computers don’t hold the same appeal to me they once did.  I used to buy the newest model of whatever Apple put out, somehow justifying it subconsciously that I would find a way to pay for it.  It never happened and I slaved away at a low paying job for a month in some cases just to buy this shiny new toy.  I also use computers all day at work.  Granted they’re boring Windows 7 Dell machines but still.  Life is about variety and I can think of far more entertaining things than sitting in front of a computer.

I know I keep harping on it, but in two weeks I’ve worked ~96 hours. In NY I only put in 75hrs on a good week.  Getting more work done, but neglecting exercise and much wind-down time in general. Every hour of it was justified though, my team is somewhat understaffed compared to others and the new-hires are still in training.

Get paid Friday.  Updating again then.  Cheers.

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