Rough week…

This week coming up is a particularly rough one for me, some unexpected expenses combined with a need to not use my credit cards at all.

I’ve been through tough times before and this is like no other. Come Monday I will have approximately $4 left in my bank account.  Over the past week I did the following things:

  • went out with my coworkers for dinner, paid my way to the tune of 27.89
  • registered my vehicle for another year at our new address 63.75
  • bought some items my partner’s coworkers birthday party 16.08
  • spent 50.26 on fuel
  • spent almost $70 on eating out, as we have not had ample time to go grocery food shopping, totally exhausted after work (we’re also beginning to move items out of the apartment).

On the plus side I’m really racking up the overtime which will definitely have a positive impact on my next paycheck. Been feeling a little bit stressed and burned out though.

I may be a nerd, but I like to look at the progress I’ve made since moving. My net take-home pay when I lived in New York was between 850 and $900 every 2 weeks. Now it is several hundred dollars higher and for once I feel I am able to make traction in my debt payoff efforts.

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to report, I’ve been pretty disciplined in my spending habits. Still trying to figure out what to do around here that’s fun and economical. Getting out of debt isn’t sexy and I don’t have any patience…

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