Making Progress – Down to 44605.57

Oh boy, so much going on.  The last work week I got Down to 2551.90 in credit card debt as of today June 3, 2012.  I’ve paid 500 in the last week.  Making some major headway.  This week I worked crazy hours, almost to the point of burnout.  49 hours in a week, when I typically work 40.  Got to work an hour early, stayed a half hr to an hour late.  On Thursday I worked through my lunch break.

Spent $20 on a VGA cable (yeah, crazy I know) so I can hook up my spare monitor at home. One thing I have noticed about myself is that I can’t watch TV and work at the same time.  I am wired to do single-tasking.  Focusing on too many things at once literally drives me crazy.

Snapshot of my current debt:

Student Loan – 42053.67
Credit Card – 2551.90
Total = 44605.57


I went to a restaurant downtown for a friend’s birthday.  My partner paid for my meal as he often does, had a blast. My car was valeted.  Went to start it up and the only thing it did was click. The windows wouldn’t even roll down. One of the managers at the restaurant was kind enough to give me a jump.  Brought the car to AutoZone since my Duralast Gold battery has a 36 mo free replacement guarantee and 8yr/96m warranty which would be prorated.  There has been no problem with the car starting up since.  Hopefully I don’t have an unpleasant surprise in the morning. I still suspect the attendant left the accessories on while we were eating for 2 hours.  Between my 2 amps, sub, radio and a/c that would kill the battery quickly.

We completed our closing on Thursday!  We’re financing 135k at an interest rate of 3.75%, total est monthly payment is 1020, plus HoA of 99 so 1120.  Our rent is 1285.  Still have a lot of things to do like move everything, setup the electricity, tv / internet, water. Met our neighbors recently, they seem really nice.  One of them is from New York, not too far away from where we used to live.  Small world eh?

I also need 4 new tires in the near future.  Been pricing out some deals, but I really don’t want to go into an extra $500 worth of debt.  You can see the top of Lincoln’s head which isn’t a good sign.  Should be fine in the dry, it’s the wet I’m concerned about. Holding out for a crazy deal before I buy.



Off to bed now, a new week awaits and I need to be refreshed!

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