Celebrating Small Wins

Touched on this briefly, but I have been actively thinking of ways to accelerate payoff of my debts.  The most significant one has been underneath my nose, overtime.  If I can get an extra $100 per week net I can stay on track without depending on any of the other contingencies such as a promotion or getting hired at another company down the road.  This will only take a couple hours extra each week and is the easiest way I know to make some extra money without having a significant impact on my livelihood.

Biggest hurdle is getting an ample amount of sleep each night..  Typically get about 6 hours and am super stubborn about going to bed on time. On a side note, I went out with coworkers for a get together and company paid for our food less drinks. Extremely thankful for the generosity.

After calling AT&T I found out I won’t pay any Early Termination Fee, on account of moving to an area where their service isn’t offered.  I didn’t have to fight for it at all.  Much better than the 180 early termination fee I feared. This home is pre-wired for FIOS and I’m quite fine with that.  Almost 50% faster downloads and uploads up to 600% faster.  The monthly charge is about the same even without a telephone since we’re adding Multi-Room DVR (39.99/mo) and HBO (8.50/mo for the first year, then 16.99/mo).  Still on the fence about that for now.  Would be super nice if PS3 had HBOGo support since I could use my Verizon e-mail on my parents acct, but alas it’s Xbox 360-only.

In an unexpected turn of events, my partner is only asking for another 1000 for the down payment instead of the 1500-2000, so 1500 total without getting any money back.  Welcome news to me and will enable 33% of my credit card debt to go away this month.


Still curious about the bonus structure at my company.  I know what it’s based on, but the company is making tweaks to it so it’s hard to really determine a calculation.  Over the years, I’ve learned what you bring to the table should determine earnings ability.  Each day I focus on doing the best job I can, focusing less on the money alone.  I want to show my boss and team that I’m a valuable asset and make them want to pay more because I deserve it. Less than 2 months in, I’m doing a pretty good job.  Couple hiccups along the way, but that’s expected.

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