Shot In The Dark


I joined the Debt Relief Fresh Start Options Sweepstakes.  The winner gets 100k.  Kind of a shot in the dark. The company is located less than 40 minutes away in Frisco, Tx.  I have a skepticism of debt repayment companies after watching Suze Orman.  How many say they’ll take care of it for you and just end up taking your money.  That and being opposed to getting in over your head with debt on principle.

Some random things that have happened in my life…

  • I won a sweepstakes in 2010 for $200 for a coworker’s school sports fundraiser from $5 of tickets.
  • I ran into a guy I worked with 5 years ago in a store 1600 miles away just a few weeks ago by accident.
  • Two guys I dated briefly in 2008 and 2010 are currently dating each other, one of whom had a crush on me in high school 13 years ago.
  • During my initiation week, one of the people hired worked for the same company I did also in NY.
  • Getting laid off and having a job offer exactly 1 month apart.
  • By the grace of god I ended up unharmed in a high speed police chase on my way to work one Saturday morning. Two fatalities and a ball of fire not even one minute after I saw the car flying past me into oncoming traffic out of nowhere.

Maybe I should play a dollar lotto each week, or do a scratch-off just to see what happens.  The odds are pretty remote, but you never know.

Update: I did more research on this company and it reconfirmed what I thought.  A rep called me at work today 9:40am.  He wanted my address (which I did not provide) and was pushy over the phone about helping me to get out of debt.  All I gave them was my name, phone number and overall amount of debt.  I really have little interest in their Debt Relief Program.  I’m confident I can handle this on my own without getting a 3rd party involved.

They also go by the name DebtXS (  Lots of similar stories along those lines.  Avoid Debt Consolidation companies like the plague. I suspect I will get calls from them in the future, all of which will be ignored.

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