May Flowers

The month of May was come, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to bring forth fruit. -Thomas Malory

Absolutely gorgeous in Texas now.  Arguably the best time of year, warm enough to wear shorts or pants comfortably, go swimming in the pool and not feel like you’re going to be sunburned after an hour.  It reminds me of life on a tropical resort or Long Island beaches during the warmest summer nights. What I enjoy most is just the energy rush I feel.  Even at night, the blood gets pumping, the troubles of the day seem to melt away just a little bit faster and I feel like my spirit is more at one with the universe.  Yes I’m weird…

Making headway on the townhouse.  Right now, I comfortably have $1000 allocated toward the downpayment.  Still putting in more overtime at my job. Not huge amounts and lot 100% by choice (food is a nice incentive), but it certainly helps come payday.

Psychologically having over a G in the bank feels great (a G coupe in my driveway would be even better :P).  It distances one from the feeling of financial insolvency.  I’m in hardcore saver mode right now.  I took my lunch to work today (can of soup and some Pringles), but the company had it catered so we’d complete more work. Then I went out for Happy Hour drinks for a coworker who is joining the Army.  She’s a tough cookie and knows her stuff.  I really was on the fence because I didn’t want to spend $20-30 on booze and dinner.

Draft beer was $2, I left a $1 tip.  Then I stopped at Steak N Shake for a burger and fries for $4.38.  Next I had some frozen yogurt for $3.86.  For eating out, that’s an absolute bargain. Also going out to dinner tomorrow with a friend.  I really don’t mind eating out on a budget if it’s with other people. When by myself, I get all crotchety and think about how I should be making a sacrifice.

In the end, whatever happens it’s just money.  I know plenty of things that are more important to me.  The love of my life, good health and my immediate family.  I will continue steering this ship in the right direction and enjoy the process. 🙂

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