Alternate Transportation?

A little sore the last couple days.  My partner and I carried a washer and dryer from a 2nd floor apartment over to our 3rd floor apartment in another building.  Rented a dolley from Home Depot for $8 instead of having it professionally moved and stored in a garage we’d have to rent for a few hundred.  One thing is for sure, I won’t be moving it again once we leave in June.

This is the first time in a while that I work so close to work that alternative means of transportation might be an option.  I have a friend with a Vespa, who sold his car to help get out of debt but plans to get one again in the near future.  I could see this being a big pain when it’s raining out.  Not to mention Texas drivers either run you off the road in their big pickup trucks or drive like they have no place to be.

Selling my car still doesn’t seem like a great idea though.  I like to carry things around with my like laptops, groceries, change of clothes for the gym and a pedal bike or motorcycle would make that a challenge.  Personal hygiene would also be a potential issue there.  No one wants to work all sweaty for 8 hours..

A good friend of mine has owned one of his cars for 10 years and paid for it in cash.  No major issues and he has a junker for his trips to Queens / NYC.  He is really smart with his money.  In the same time, I have purchased 3 cars and easily spent twice the amount.

The point is a lot of us, especially in our 20s just buy new because we can and not because we need it.  A 20k mistake now can wreak havoc on the future especially when investments come into play.

Also a snapshot of where I am as of 4/15/2012 (aka Tax Day to most Americans):
Credit Card: 3265.51 (Had a month’s worth of U-Verse service I thought I had paid but wasn’t, that’s why it went up)
Student Loans:  41996.83
Townhouse: 626.50
Checking: 448.67

My checking acct was negative last week so this is a trend in the right direction.  Pretty confident I can swing not spending 400 for the next two weeks.  Taking my lunch into work again.  These little things over time should add up.

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